Obama Presidential Center_Chicago 2016

Paese: United States
Prize: Honorable Mention 
The idea of the project for the OPC is born from the analysis of the urban fabric, the President of the political life of Obama and the First Lady. The Obama family, from the first moment at the White House, demonstrated and applied the principles of social equity, tax-economic and healthy lifestyles values. These principles of fairness I oppose it (from a conceptual point of view) the fragmentation of peripheral space located near Washington Park which, in turn, are opposed to the static planimetric and the verticality of the city urban center. From these considerations took shape the OPL. The building tries to establish a social and urban balance, "reversing" and "overlapping" vertical masses of the city center, arranging them horizontally so as to generate a large court. The OPL is divided into 3 large rings which connect the railway and the park that will welcome the private residence of the Obama family. Prime ring, of a public nature, is accessed through two large swings situated to the north and southwest. The café and restaurant allow through access, the relationship with the streets S Martin L.K.Dr and W Garfield Bvld. THE second ring, a semi-public character, welcomes north exhibition hall, conference room, offices for the foundation and the archive. On the third ring back the public nature, with two terraces. The first west becomes exhibition terrace while the second, located east, becomes the roof garden and educational laboratories. The dark polycarbonate panels lining and characterize this great mass incubator dedicated to the political life of President Obama.